Maze Machina Presskit

A turn-based swiping Puzzler.

In Maze Machina you play as a tiny hero trapped by the evil Automatron in his ever-changing mechanical labyrinth.

Jailed for the Automatron’s amusement and bound by his electric force, you have to use the tools and tricks that the labyrinth is offering you to overcome it’s endless dangers. Instead of conflict only smart decisions and clever moves will allow you to escape.

Maze Machina combines a simple turn-based swipe to move mechanic with a tile based item system that allows for endless combinations of tactical attack, defense and utility moves on a small 4x4 grid. Short game sessions allow for quick bursts of tense gameplay which you can hop in and out of at any point. In various modes and high score challenges you can measure your skill against other players.


If you’re looking for a pure roguelike that’s accessible but still challenging, Maze Machina is an easy recommendation. - AppUnwrapper

This cardless roguelike dungeon-crawler provides a ton of variety and challenge through a clever mix of mechanics and modes. - 148Apps

Maze Machina is a very interesting puzzle, which I highly recommend and its especially interesting for people who appreciate a unique game experience. - App-S

A big thumbs up from us for Maze Machina. - Appgefahren

Every Rauers effort so far has been an easy recommendation, and Maze Machina is his best game to date. - Stuff

If you can’t tell, I’m kind of in love with Maze Machina. - Stately Play

I hate this game! I can’t escape it! 5/5 would embark on this embarrassing, compelling learning spree again. - Pocket Tactics


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Design & Code by Arnold Rauers (Tinytouchtales).
Art & Animation by Max Fiedler.
Music & Sound by Oliver Salkic.